The Fun Shirt

by Robin Turnipseed

“Would the original Fun Shirt be considered a wear-loom?”

One of my closest friends and ex-college roommate texted me this question one Tuesday evening. I had just written a post about my father’s suede jacket and had referred to it as a wearable heirloom, or a “wear-loom” as my clever husband called it.

“Yes! Yes, it would,” I typed back as I tried to remember the exact origin of the shirt.

Our small college often hosted events where costumes could be worn so I knew it had to have something to do with that, but rather than rack my own brain I decided to reconnect with Bethany last week. Here’s what transpired:

PPT: Ok, tell me the full history of the shirt as you remember it. It came from the mission barrel right?

Bethany: I found it in 1998 and yes from the mission barrel. (This mission barrel served as our go-to spot for costumes when our college events dictated they be worn.)

I remember we would hunt for random things at random times in the mission barrel. Remember the pleather jacket? Ha! Story for another day. Anyway, we were looking for costumes for a Halloween costume cruise and I remember thinking how random [the shirt] was to be in that barrel because it was obviously from the 1970s. It was so very out of place, but it was bright, and “fun” and it made me happy.

PPT: Hey, we all need things that make us happy for no reason, right? Especially after this last year.

Bethany: Yes! It hung in my closet for the longest time after that cruise and then one day I decided to wear it to class and did it on a Friday and “Fun Shirt Friday” began. Once I became part of student government, we would plan themed skate nights on Fridays and so of course the fun shirt would be a theme that would be my most favorite.

PPT: What made you keep it for so long?

Bethany: My college years were some of the most fun and transformative years of my life. Every time I see that shirt I’m reminded of those times. It has made it through multiple moves to different cities and only recently into the box of yearbooks and pictures from those times. I just couldn’t get rid of it.

PPT: I love it! Thank you for reminding me of all the fun that can come from the little things.

My Takeaways

A few days later I texted Bethany to let her know of my newly uncovered treasure: a vintage pastel paisley trench coat pulled from the racks of a local consignment shop. Unlike anything I already own, I inquired if I should be bold enough to keep my purchase, and be even bolder by daring to wear it out in public?

Her response, “Yes!!! Honestly, this [PPT] process has reminded me that life is too short to wear clothes that aren’t fun and don’t make you happy!”

So, here’s to Fun Shirt Friday. May we all embrace the everyday victories in our lives, no matter the size, and find ways to celebrate.

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