What I’m Reading- Holiday Edition (Part 2)

by Robin Turnipseed

A winter chill has finally decided to greet us here in the south, and its timing is perfect. Christmas is two weeks away, and I am in a mad dash to complete all my shopping. Typically, I am swept up in the rush and hurry of the season, bouncing from event to event until I glance up and notice that it is January 3. However, this year, I chose to enter into the season differently.

Around the end of October, I compiled a holiday reading list, and the moment the calendar marked November 1, I gave myself full permission to dive headlong into festive fiction. I downloaded audiobooks to listen to in the car when driving from store to store, arrived early to the school pick-up line with a book in tow, and, as often as I could, ended my nights with a cup of chamomile and a few more pages before I turned off the lights.

These small changes to incorporate more rest and reading have completely transformed my season. If you are looking for a few holiday-themed reads, here are a few books I’ve enjoyed recently.

PS. This list is the second part, so don’t forget to check out the first part of my holiday reading list. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me and all of my books to you and yours.

Book 1: A Vintage Christmas: A Collection of Classic Stories and Poems 

From Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and L.M. Montgomery, A Vintage Christmas is a collection of short stories, sketches, and poems from some of our most beloved authors. Each story is the perfect before-bedtime read to introduce little ones to the works of these classic authors while taking a few moments to soak in the warmth and nostalgia of the holidays. My favorite is a letter from Santa Claus, written by Mark Twain, for his three-year-old daughter. 

Book 2: A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg

Oswald T. Campbell’s life is about to change. After receiving a startling medical diagnosis, Campbell decides to avoid another harsh winter in his hometown of Chicago and move to Lost River, Alabama, where he believes he will spend his final Christmas. Upon arrival, Oswald meets a community where life moves a bit slower, and each person, with all their flaws and quirks, is embraced and highly valued. At the center of this charming story is a rescued redbird named Jack, who ushers in some Christmas magic when Oswald needs it the most.

Book 3: Mr. Dickens And His Carol by Samantha Silva

The works of Charles Dickens are no longer flying off the shelves. At least, that is the case in Samantha Silva’s fictional tale. With the sales of his latest book beginning to wane and financial hardships drawing close, Dicken’s publishers approach him with the idea of penning a Christmas novel to reestablish his credibility as an author and keep him out of the poor house. This book creates an enchanting fantasy world where we are on night walks throughout London, meet the delightful children of this literary great, and let our imaginations take over as we see how A Christmas Carol may have come into being. 


Book 4: Christmas in the Movies by Jeremy Arnold

I have written about my love for this book before but would regret leaving it off this list since it’s a favorite to revisit. I flip through it every year; it is the first piece of “decor” I set out each holiday season. Written by Jeremy Arnold, Christmas in the Movies captures the nostalgia of many holiday classics while detailing backstories behind the creation and production of each one. The book catalogs well-known favorites while introducing the reader to others who have flown under the radar, making it an excellent gift for the classic movie lover.

PS. This book’s revised and expanded version was released in October, including 70 more pages of behind-the-scenes details and photos. 

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