The Tarnished Tea Service

by Robin Turnipseed

It is the first official day of spring, and our local weather is showing off. Today the high is hitting above 70 degrees, and I roll the windows down as I listen to my daughter sing along with The Greatest Showman soundtrack for what seems like the millionth time. These are the best days.

I am in such a great mood that I don’t even hesitate when I see a local branch of Girl Scouts setting up their booth outside of the grocery store. To be more accurate, I may have made a bee-line for the stand, praying that they had a few boxes of Thin Mints left over to sell to those of us who like to freeze them and feast on them in the middle of the night mid-July. Not me, specifically, but I have heard of such people.

Tea Time

As we are driving home, my little one asks me if we can have a tea party with our cookies when we get home. “Not a normal tea party, Mama, but a fancy one?” She asks. I nod in reply. I know the exact tea service we will use too.

Once we arrive home, I send her upstairs to change and forage through my china cabinet, searching for the antique silver tea service I discovered in my father-in-law’s garage a few years ago. A silver kettle with an ornate design trailing down its handle sits alongside a matching cream bowl and sugar dish. Yet, I notice that all the pieces have lost their luster. I look down at the tarnished tea service and realize that I am entirely out of the silver polish.

Searching for Home Remedies

As I take the set to the island, I hear feet running down the steps. Sure enough, my girl is dressed for high tea and is none too happy to be greeted by the fade kettle awaiting her on the island.

“Don’t worry, babe. I am looking up a solution to clean that tarnished tea service now.” I quickly say, trying to deter any sadness that may be winging its way to the surface.

“No problem, Mama. Can we make a cleaning video before we make a tea party? I am sure people may have tea sets that they need to clean as well.” She smiles and begins to pull the stool she uses for Cooking with Rea & Dad out from the closet.

So, here you go—our first attempt at Cleaning with Rea & Mom. Maybe you need a home remedy for cleaning a piece of silver too. If that is the case, I recommend checking out The Maids.  We followed How to Clean and Polish Tarnished Silver for a full tutorial and it worked perfectly.


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