The Vintage Nestle Toll House Cookie Jar

by Robin Turnipseed

“Mama, eat the cookie with the most powdered sugar on it. That’s the one that I made especially for you.” my daughter says as she slides the plate across the table. I look down to see what looks like little snow-covered mounds plated before me. “Are these sugar-coated dumplings?” I ask her, knowing full well the answer to my question.

The sounds of loud talking drifted into my office upstairs for the last hour. I heard giggling and someone yelling “cut” at one point. All this activity meant only one thing. The filming of a new episode of Cooking with Rea & Dad had begun.

A Fair Favorite

Inspired by my recent purchase of a vintage Nestle Toll House Cookie Jar, the pair dedicated tonight to film an episode of their cooking show, Cooking with Rea & Dad, and cookies are on the menu. However, the word “cookie” does not accurately describe these treats. They fall more into the “to be experienced” category.

Cooking with Rea & Dad

Tonight, Rea & Dad create Air Fryer Fried Oreos, a recipe from our friend, Kathleen, over at Grits and Gouda. Wow, are these a winner! They are so simple with very few ingredients and make a great quick dessert. I hate to break it to them, but not only will these cookies not make it to the cookie jar, but they also may not even make it till morning. 

Watch the video below to see how Rea & Dad go about making these phenomenal treats, and make sure to try out the recipe for yourself.

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