PPT Winter Reading List

by Robin Turnipseed

Our Top 3 Recommendations for Your Winter Reading

The clock nears midnight as I sit at my dining room table, listening to the neighbor’s chihuahua barking next door. The dog is outside on its last bathroom break, and I can tell the wind scares him. To be honest, his own shadow often frightens him, launching him into fits of hysteria. The yaps, which usually frustrate me, keep me company tonight as I create my goal list for the upcoming year. I glance down at my paper and see the words “Read More Books” taking up the first spot on the page. So, far this is my only priority.

My History with Books

My love of books runs deep. I attribute this to both my third-grade teacher and my grandmother. My grandmother, affectionally called Mimi Darling, who battled cancer and endured chemotherapy during the last decade of her life, kept her outings to a minimum during cold and flu seasons. Her seclusion meant that she would need enough indoor activities to keep her occupied all winter.

Every September, I could always find her working on her detailed book list, only then to set out in search of all the volumes that would act as her companions throughout the cold months ahead.

As I work on my own goals, I think back to her lengthy book lists and take my cue from her this year. I want to add more books of all kinds, and I am finally embracing some classics. (I am headed your way Anna Karenina.)

Maybe you are looking to expand your reading list as well. If so, here are just a couple that I thoroughly enjoyed this year.

Happy Winter Reading!

Book 1: Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber

A charming southern town, a deep-rooted family secret, an inherited cafe mix with a cluster of blackbirds to create a magical backdrop in a story of how love can redeem and transform years of hurt and grief.

Anna Kate returns to Wicklow, the small Alabama town she once called home, to tend to the cafe her grandmother willed to her. She carries with her family baggage and holds tight to secrets that tempt her to flee the area as soon as possible. However, a town fueled by devotion and desire to protect one of their own welcomes her and helps her heal wounds she thought permanent.

If you are searching for an inviting novel to curl up with to escape the chill outside, this may be the perfect read for you. A word of warning, though, you may find yourself craving cobbler by the book’s end. I know I did.

Book 2: Vintage Home by Sarah Moore

Curious about how to incorporate vintage items into modern decor? This book inspires and guides you on how to use vintage items in your home practically and where to go in search of the ones you are eager to find.

Reaching beyond just decorating tips, Moore offers a variety of projects to create simple ways to refurbish older items and antiques.
I bookmarked a few projects to entertain me this winter and have already gained a vast amount of practical knowledge from within these pages.

Book 3: Celebrate with Sprinkles by Brittany Young

Let’s face it; winter days leave us all wanting a little sparkle. The grey clouds of the season create an eagerness for the sunshine of spring. However, if you need to find ways to add a little bit of happiness to your winter, Brittany Young’s book provides ample opportunity to embrace the joy in the everyday.

Eager to intentionally find ways to celebrate the simple basics of life, Young created a community and brand by sharing tips and crafts centered on celebrating every moment. Celebrate with Sprinkles is a gorgeous coffee table book that tugged at my party-planning heart. In it, you will find over 200 pages filled with entertaining ideas, recipes, and crafts to add a little sparkle to each holiday. I enjoyed it so much that I gifted it four or five times last year. 

Now tell me: what do I need to add to my list?

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