The Mitford Teapot

by Robin Turnipseed

I love a trip. I think that has been well-documented by now. Whether local or London, my husband and I adore traveling, a trait we passed along to our son, who just returned from his first overseas trip and confirmed that the travel bug has also bitten him.

However, not all of our trips need to be quite as grand. Although jaunts across the ocean provide endless excitement, they also prove tiring. Sometimes, the travel itch is scratched just as well by staying closer to home, which I discovered when I planned a weekend at The Mitford Museum this past May.

At Home in Mitford

I have been a fan of the Mitford book series for many years. The series centers around Father Tim, an Episcopalian priest who lives a quiet life in the quaint village of Mitford, NC, until a new neighbor turns his world upside down. If you are interested, I wrote a complete book description on my recommended summer reading list.

Little did I know that a museum honoring Jan Karon and the village she lovingly designed resided just a few hours from home. The Mitford Museum, located inside the author’s former elementary school, pays tribute to the entire cast of quirky characters established within the pages of each book and is a must-see for any Mitford fan.

Once I learned this place existed, I knew a visit was in order. I also knew bringing my mother-in-law, Lainey, who introduced me to the entire series, would be icing on the cake. Thankfully, all the details fell into place, and we spent the most beautiful spring weekend wandering through Hudson, NC, taking in all the town had to offer.

As I exited the museum, I knew I wanted a souvenir to remember this remarkable trip, and I found a lovely memento at Happy Ending’s Bookshop. The Mitford teapot, a charming little navy and white teapot-mug combination, is the perfect way for me to relive the memories of that weekend each time I brew.

Below is a brief recap of our trip. If you ever plan a visit, drop me a line and let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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