The Pumpkin Pie Plate

by Robin Turnipseed

“I need to make a pumpkin pie,” my daughter says as she digs through the contents of the recipe house. She sits at the kitchen table excitedly pulling cards out of the blue house as she plots and plans her next cooking experiment with her father.

At the end of the summer, eager to find time together during a busy fall school schedule, my husband and daughter decided to create their own monthly cooking “show.” They choose the recipe and create the dish. I merely purchase ingredients and eventually partake in the fruits of their culinary labor.

I sit across from her, sipping my coffee and smirking as she pulls recipe cards out of the house. I watch as she reads over the small papers covered in handwritten scribbles and then places them in the discarded pile before her.

“Mama, none of these say pumpkin on them!! My next Cooking with Dad video needs to be pumpkin. I face such a dilemma!” At this exclamation, she sighs and drops her head on the table.

Her drama causes me to smile. How often do we all categorize our own wants as needs?

Our Saving Grace

I quietly stand up and walk over to my china cabinet, where I retrieve a ceramic pie plate, which neatly displays an entire pumpkin pie recipe printed on the bottom. When I rescued this plate from a nearby thrift store five years ago, who would have known that it held the saving grace needed for today?

I present it to her, and she acts as if I have just handed her the moon and the
stars. Oh, how I wish every dilemma in life could be fixed this easily.

Cooking with Rea and Dad

So, enjoy the full episode of Cooking with Rea and Dad, featuring my two favorite bakers, a vintage ceramic pie plate, and the best pumpkin pie I have tasted in ages.

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