The Fluted Bowl

by Robin Turnipseed

Growing up, my family moved quite a bit. I lived in the midwest for most of my childhood and then spent my teenage years moving throughout parts of Alabama and Mississippi and settling in east Tennessee. While moving provides adventure, finding solid friendships becomes more challenging with each new location. It was not until college that I had the opportunity to dig deep roots.

Thankfully, I firmly planted myself in Chattanooga, TN, and spent four years at the same school, which helped me develop a tight-knit circle of friends. Like most college kids, we became family: eating every meal, attending every event, and spending every weekend together. Throughout the years, our parents would cycle through for short visits or attend events, and we would show up for the obligatory introductions or have a quick meal with them all in the dining hall. However, some of the other parents represented a bit more in my inner circle. One of my closest friends, Trisha, had those parents.

Warmth and Welcome

Although they may not have known it, Ron and Leslie Price became surrogate parents to everyone in this circle. They knew our names, had a working knowledge of our families and accepted our quirks. Without even knowing it, they nurtured us from afar. Their default settings are warmth and welcome, and we all left them feeling that way. Whenever they came to town to visit Trisha, they often invited us to their hotel to hang out and watch movies. They loved everyone in Trisha’s circle of friends and even invited a couple of us to spend spring break at their home one year. She attended my bridal shower, and I still own a radio flyer onesie they gifted my firstborn sixteen years ago.

So when I reached out to Leslie to inquire about a pretty thing for submission, I found it genuinely fitting that the fluted bowl she submitted is an object whose sole purpose centers on hospitality and bringing people together, two characteristics that are reflective of its owner.

A Special Thanks

To Leslie (and Ron) Price, thank you for loving on us all. Thank you for your gracious kindness and generosity through those years. May I love my children’s friends just as well.

Enjoy reading her story, especially her takeaway lesson from the bowl!


PPT: Can you describe the “pretty” and tell me where it originated? 

Leslie: It is a white fluted chip and dip bowl with gold trim. It originally belonged to my maternal grandmother and now resides in my home.

PPT: Why did you choose this dish? Why is it memorable? 

Leslie: I always remember Mom using this chip and dip bowl when she threw a party or had a family gathering. It has always been a part of the festivities. These days I often find myself retrieving it when preparing for a get-together in my home.

PPT: Can you tell me about a favorite memory attached to this item? 

Leslie: There isn’t just any particular event I remember with this bowl. It has just become like an old family friend that meets a need in a beautiful way.

PPT: I love that! I think we all have those serving dishes that have a designated spot at each holiday table. I will now think of them as “old family friends,” where the meal wouldn’t be complete without them. 

Finally, Are there any lessons you learned from this pretty or from the person who gave it to you?

Leslie: Yes, time spent with family and friends is worth every second.

PPT: I absolutely agree! 


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