The Placement of Pretty People

by Robin Turnipseed

At the end of the summer, we celebrated the well-lived life of my husband’s uncle.

On the day of the graveside service, a lifelong friend opened their beautiful home to host a lunch for the family.

The home, adorned with family heirlooms, draws me in, and I cannot help but wander through the hallways to gaze at the hand-painted portraits hanging on the walls. An intricately detailed painting of a farmhouse captures my full attention, and I stare fixated on it until I hear the sound of quiet laughter coming from the kitchen.

A Sacred Moment

Peeking around the corner, I see a group of ladies clearing plates and washing dishes. For decades, this group of ladies, the same ones who have devoted the morning to cooking and serving us, have spent decades living life together.

As the ladies began dishing up the left-overs into storage containers, I notice as they share stories and chuckle over inside jokes, all while tending to the needs of those around them.

They move around each other with ease, collected from years of friendship, and I grab my camera and take a quick photo, aware that I am witnessing something sacred.

Our People

We all have our people. The ones that show up when called or even before we can make the call. They are the ones in the background comforting, loving, and feeding us through the dark hours.

The act of caring for those who grieve is a delicate process. However, time and time again, when tough times hit, people rise to the challenge and are eager to help.

Our people navigate the hurt, grief, and sadness with us. They help us hold the heaviness of it all with grace and love.

A Thankful Heart

So, today I am thankful for the placement of pretty people in my life and the world around us. May we always have them near, and may we always strive to be those for others.

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