The Trifle Bowl

by Robin Turnipseed

It is one week before Thanksgiving, and I am standing in the kitchen reading the text message that came in from my sister-in-law. She is hosting Thanksgiving this year, and we are working through the menu plans. She asks me what I would like to bring, and I stare blankly down at my phone as if a new and exciting side dish or dessert recipe will magically appear across the screen.

My Thanksgiving Tradition

There is a Thanksgiving tradition in my home. If you invite me to a potluck or holiday meal, I will bring all the same sides and desserts as I have the year before. Ok, so it’s not so much a tradition as a rut. I confess I need a change. This year, I want to contribute something new to the meal. New but simple. Those are key parameters when it comes to my time spent in the kitchen.

Scrolling for New

Leaning back against my island, I begin to scroll through all the fare offered up on Pinterest. That is when I spot my mom’s trifle bowl sitting next to my kitchen sink. She gifted me the glass dish years ago, and instead of holding elegant deserts, I have repurposed it, and it now contains apples.

However, I remember countless times that same dish stood as the centerpiece of our holiday tables, showcasing layers of pound cake, fruit, and cream. This English dessert is unique and easy to assemble, whose ingredients can be adjusted to please even the pickiest palates.

Cooking with Rea & Dad

In short, a trifle remains one of the simplest holiday desserts to create and carry to your next holiday event. It is also the main character in the next episode of Cooking with Rea and Dad.

Also, check out the full Chocolate Trifle recipe from All Recipes. You will not be sorry!

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